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I have over 25 years of experience helping patients overcome their problems. My treatment approach is based on a philosophy of collaborative working taking into consideration the individual's culture, their developmental history and beliefs towards an understanding of symptoms. My approach is person-centred. I guide my patients along the path of understanding the self and the way they think whilst working collaboratively to achieve agreed and realistic outcomes. Another guiding principle of my treatment approach is to work with individual strengths building on the positives whilst simultaneously helping develop skills to overcome concerns. I believe in empowering the individual to work with me to secure solutions.

In providing treatments I work within the framework of established practice and guidelines but in the knowledge that all patients are different and what might work for one may not be best for another. This is where my experience and expertise delivers.

I work with patients from diagnosis through to recovery and discharge. Following an initial assessment, a diagnosis is confirmed, followed by a discussion around the causation of and any contributory factors to the psychological problems identified. I discuss all available treatment interventions and often guide patients to investigate available treatment options before implementing an agreed treatment plan. This process helps me to take into account the individual patients views such that he/she is not a passive recipient but an active participant in their recovery. I welcome and encourage participation of the patient's family to develop a deeper understanding and communicate with the GP to maintain continuity of care unless told not to by the patient.

In instances when faced with treatment resistance I review and research treatment options in the knowledge that there is always a new door waiting to open with much progress if not total recovery which remains my treatment goal.

I am grateful for the work that you have done, and I was spiraling to a really dangerous place and too many sufferers don't receive the help they need soon enough, Thank you... Read More

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