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Psychiatrists, like all healthcare professionals, abide by a moral code when practicing psychiatry. Historically, all physicians take the Hippocratic Oath, swearing to practice medicine ethically and honestly and they must also abide by the General Medical Council's Good Medical Practice

Patient confidentiality

Unlike most medical doctors, psychiatrists deal with patients who need to talk openly about what is going on in their minds and troubling them on a day-to-day basis. I appreciate a lot of information you may share with me is likely to be very personal and sensitive. As a rule I do not reveal personal information to anyone without his or her explicit permission. In circumstances where there is substantial risk I may share information to minimise harm and will do so sensitively whilst maintaining confidentiality as far as possible.

Informed consent

Doctors and psychiatrists also have a duty to fully inform patients about the potential benefits and risks of any treatment being discussed. I wholly adhere to this principle such that you the patient can fully participate in securing treatments taking into account your values and wishes.

Dignity and respect

Psychiatrists see a wide range of patients, living with all manner of difficult psychological conditions. For people without experience of handling these conditions, this may be a difficult task but psychiatrists, like other healthcare professionals are trained and equipped in this sensitive task. Irrespective of your problems you will be treated as an individual with respect and dignity and with unconditional positive regard.


Doctors and psychiatrists have a duty to keep their skills and knowledge up to date. I participate in continuing professional development which involves continued training and education. I abide by government guidelines which set out best practice based on current research and provide evidence based treatments.


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