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Medico Legal

Training Relevant to Medicolegal Practice

  • Risk assessment Workshop in the use of Historical /Clinical/Risk Management- 20 (HCR-20)
  • Adult Psychiatrists as experts in Family court proceedings.
  • Seminar for Medical experts: Medicolegal report writing and giving expert evidence.
  • Continuing professional development in Forensic aspects of General and Intensive care psychiatry.
  • Medico Legal Training: Education and Training Centre at the Royal College of Psychiatrists. 1 day course in Writing for Courts- Ensuring Quality and Effectiveness.
  • Training for Structured investigations of medical untoward incidents: 1 day course
  • Fraud and exaggeration in personal injury claims conference.

Areas of Medicolegal Expertise

  • Criminal matters: assessment of mentally disordered offender with reference to fitness to plead and stand trial. Mens Rea and Actus Reus and assisting courts in addressing the question of sentencing options.
  • Personal injury: Assessment and report writing with reference to mental health consequences following trauma, its prognosis and management.
  • Assessment of clients presenting with ill health arising from exposure to chemicals within domestic or occupational setting.
  • Occupational health assessments in connection with Fitness to work and the interplay between mental health and work place.
  • Fitness to practice proceedings for doctors.
  • Medical investigation of serious untoward incidents/ medical negligence in psychiatric settings.

Medico Legal services by Dr K GuptaMedicolegal Experience

  • Pre sentence reports for defence and the crown and have provided oral evidence in the Magistrates and Crown Court on matters pertaining to the relationship between mental illness and offending behaviour, fitness to plead, McNaughtens and to inform courts with sentencing options.
  • Psychiatric reports for patients detained under civil and forensic sections of the Mental Health Act. I provide oral evidence to approximately 40 Mental Health Review Tribunals annually. This includes patients detained under the civil and forensic sections of the Mental Health Act 1983
  • Psychiatric reports for claimants addressing the question of psychological trauma, psychiatric diagnosis and disability following injury.
  • Reports addressing the issue of psychiatric illness arising in context of chemical injury and provided oral evidence in court.
  • Reports for the General Medical Council, Medical Defence Union and Medical Protection Society in relation to medical practitioner's fitness to practice.
  • Psychiatric reports addressing mental health and risk assessment of parents and have provided oral evidence in cases pertaining to the access, care and custody of children.

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