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Where can I see Dr Gupta?

I consult at Edward House, in Lisson Grove, Marylebone, NW1 6SH
Tel: 0207 535 7700

What is the fee and how can I pay for my appointment?

My secretary will discuss fees individually with you at the time of booking your appointment. For self-pay patients the fee is payable at the consultation by cheque or cash. I do not have a facility to accept card payments. I am a recognised consultant for most health care insurance providers. You will require prior authorisation ahead of your appointment. Please speak with my secretary if you require any guidance with this matter.

How soon can I see the Dr Gupta?

I aim to see all patients within 3-5 working days - sooner if required.

Can I be accompanied to my consultation?

Yes, you are welcome to bring along a friend or a family member.

It is important for you to independently talk through your difficulties as this process forms the basis of developing a shared understanding of your health concern and its management.

How long will my appointment take?

Your initial consultation normally takes about an hour (60 minutes). More complex matters and referral for a second opinion can take longer depending upon the complexity.
Follow-up consultations are set at 45 minutes.

Do I need a GP referral letter?

It is good practice to have your GP involved in your care. Your health care insurer will usually insist that you obtain a GP referral before seeing a specialist.

I do see self referring patients without a GP referral – please advise my secretary when making your appointment.

How do I book an appointment?

You can do this easily by calling my secretary Elaine at 020 7535 7702 or sending me an e-mail: [email protected]; [email protected]

What are your cancellation charges?

Cancellation fees are payable in full with less than 24 hour notice. I recommend you call my secretary well in advance and as soon as you know of your inability to attend your appointment as I may sometimes be able to book in another patient and save you the cancellation charge. There is no charge for cancellation outside the 24 hour period.

Does Dr Gupta provide telephone consultation?

Yes – I provide telephone consultations especially when illness related circumstances hinder travel or due to distances. I though recommend the first consultation is carried out face to face.

What should I ask on my consultation?

In your first meeting I will ask you a series of questions and encourage you to share your thoughts and feelings. You may bring along a written account of your concerns to aide discussion. You must feel free to ask me questions related to your problem, find out more on the diagnosis of your condition, its cause and treatment options.

Where can I learn more about my condition?

There are a number of websites and books where good quality information can be accessed. Please ask me for more specific guidance. I would also request you to look at the useful links section of my site where a number of additional resources available.

I feel very confident that his approach is very much based on the patient's needs at the time and also their support structure to get through the episode safely and without over medicating. I feel very lucky... Read More

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