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Dr. Kamal Gupta is a truly excellent professional.

Obviously he is very experienced in prescription and management of Psychiatric drugs, but he is also very adept at understanding people. He is kind and sensitive to the many events that may affect mental states, and helpful with his advice.

Dr. Kamal Gupta has helped me in my mental health enormously. He has managed my prescribed drugs extremely skillfully.

He has been understanding and sympathetic about a variety of difficult life situations in which I found myself.

He is practical in his advice, taking into account one's whole being. I have no hesitation in recommending him.

Dr. Gupta,

As long as my full name won't be mentioned I would love to contribute to it. You have changed my life forever, and put me on a healthy track to recovery.

I am doing well and taking the full dose of 200 mg of Lamictal, and it has helped stabilize me. I am grateful for the work that you have done, and I was spiraling to a really dangerous place and too many sufferers don't receive the help they need soon enough, Thank you, I would very much like to share this with any patients considering treatment from you, b/c it does take a trial and error process to find a good psychiatrist, and I didn't have to go through that in London, My best regards,

"As a senior professional and a single mother a 'mid life crisis' brought on by a relationship breakup threatened my health, my career and the welfare of my children.

Fortunately, our company doctor recommended Dr Gupta as a highly effective professional with a great success record. After just two or three sessions I was able to stop crying, start sleeping and eating and go to work without fearing that I would dissolve into tears any second.

Dr Gupta has a remarkable capacity to quietly, almost subliminally, help someone to help themselves. At no stage do you feel 'in therapy'; rather, he gently enables the construction of a coherent narrative and the re-construction of a sense of self worth.

Five years on, he did the same for my teenage son and he has repeatedly performed his quiet miracles for a number of colleagues."

"I was diagnosed with Bi Polar disorder in December 2008 and suffered an episode in June 2011 at which point I started seeing Dr.Gupta.

I would like to offer my strong recommendation for Dr. Gupta's versatile,common sense and logical approach to handling my illness. Dr. Gupta ensured that I was on the right medication at the right point and was also flexible when deemed suitable for the medication to change to ensure the best quality of life for myself.

I have found Dr. Gupta to be very caring and understanding of me and has been an excellent guide through this difficult time. I have found that Dr. Gupta's approach to mental health to be very refreshing and has been willing to value the work of cognitive behavioural therapy which I undertook and also helping me to be aware of likely risk factors to prevent and manage potential situations that may raise my likelihood of an episode.

I feel very confident that his approach is very much based on the patient's needs at the time and also their support structure to get through the episode safely and without over medicating. I feel very lucky to have found a doctor who fully understands and takes on board my views and ensures that one gets the highest standard of care at all times."

I sought help from Dr Gupta following a relationship break up that left me unable to cope with even the smallest everyday tasks because of an overwhelming anxiety and depression. On meeting Dr Gupta I felt an immediate sense of relief, this was partly due to the feeling of getting help but mostly down to his approach to my problems.

At that time my life felt completely out of control and to be suddenly in a calm and non-judgemental conversation felt great. Dr Gupta helped me through the initial crisis but also through the following months of what was, at times, a painful recovery to a place where I was able to decide for myself that the time had come to end our sessions.

I feel privileged to have had that time with Dr Gupta to have learnt so much about myself, and made connections that mean I can now make better choices for myself, and I would not hesitate to recommend him. Best regards as always

I was referred to Dr Kamal Guptal in August 2011 for treatment of severe depression and suspected bi-polar disorder.

I had heard glowing reports of Dr Gupta from people working in mental health, and I certainly was not disappointed when I met him. He received me politely and kindly, and listened attentively to my story. He was able from that first meeting to be able to give some indications of what my condition consited of, and to prescribe an improved course of medicine to the one which I was currently taking.

Because I live out of the UK, I was not able to see Dr Guptal again but I was immensely grateful that this did not impeed him from continuing to monitor my condition. By e-mail and phone calls he pursued the treatment I was taking, and requested my psychiarist in France to let him monitor my condition (which she did, having heard professionally of his reputation).

All of this this was done as a follow-on to my one meeting with him and at no extra charge, which I think speaks volumes about his integirty and dedication to his patients. I would unreservedly recommend Dr Gupta to anyone suffering from mental illness.

Having suffered from depression and anxiety, I have experience with both public and private healthcare.

It was when I was recommended to see Dr Gupta that I found he had the empathetic approach I needed whilst being frank and honest about treatment options. Half the battle with such illnesses are trust in your consultant and the treatment plan he is giving you.That is why with Dr Gupta's help I have been pointed in the right direction towards recovery.

As long as my full name won't be mentioned I would love to contribute to it. You have changed my life forever, and put me on a healthy track to recovery. I am doing well and taking the full dose of 200 mg of Lamictal, and it has helped stabilize me.

I am grateful for the work that you have done, and I was spiraling to a really dangerous place and too many sufferers don't receive the help they need soon enough, Thank you, I would very much like to share this with any patients considering treatment from you, b/c it does take a trial and error process to find a good psychiatrist, and I didn't have to go through that in London, My best regards,

Hi Dr Gupta, Sorry there was a delay with this.. I had writers block. Hope this is ok, it's rather long so please just use quotes from it if you prefer: I started treatment with Dr Gupta in June 2012 due to an episode of acute depression and suicidal thoughts. My first interaction with him was on the telephone, I was very distressed and felt incredibly hopeless.

I spoke with Dr Gupta for 45 minutes but within 5 minutes he had already helped me identify my own positive thoughts and get a bit of direction (in my case it was baking a cake that afternoon). I'm sure treatment is different for everyone and I think this is what has made me benefit so much with Dr Gupta, he has always been from that first interaction; incredibly astute and insightful in finding what I need from my treatment in order to get the outcomes I hope for without being dependant on him. He always gives me great 'tools' to use in everyday situations and exercises to increase my self awareness so hopefully, I will never find myself falling back into such a depression. I'm very pleased with my treatment and recommend him whole heart-idly Warm Regards

I'm a 42-year-old, single female diagnosed with Attention Deficit Disorder. I'd done well after my initial diagnosis and treatment at 28, but then when my mom died a few years ago, things started going downhill again. About a year and a half ago, dissatisfied with my lack of accomplishments and what seemed to be an ever decreasing chance at anything but a lonely senility, I went to see Dr. Gupta. I loathed my job, my flat, and in consequence, myself.

I didn't have much hope of anything changing -- the last psychiatrist I'd seen, a couple years prior, had been no good at all. Dr. Gupta really listens; he makes excellent observations surprising in their insight, and gives advice that's easy to follow.

I used to think of myself as a failure, but now I try to do small things and just take pride in getting those small things done -- and they do start to add up. I've moved to a new neighbourhood, where I'm much happier, and I've started cooking more often, which I had no idea I'd enjoy. I've also gone back to doing artwork, something I left off years ago, and just recently, I've had two commissions for drawings -- paying commissions, which is amazing.

I do recommend him most heartily -- he's certainly made a huge difference in my life.

Best regards,

Dear Dr Gupta,

Dr Gupta, I remain truly and deeply grateful for all the help and support you have given me over the last few years. I assume it is never easy for anyone to come to terms with or believe in a bipolar prognosis once it invades their life. On the couple of occasions I have been hospitalized you have been an incredible strength to both my family and me. Your professional expertise is exemplary and I admire your transparent and informative approach.

As you know for my own well being I continue to meet with you every quarter and consider this method the best approach to ensure I constantly stay on track under your "watchful guidance". I feel that much more confidant and in control knowing you are always available, should I have any doubts relevant to my wellbeing. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do, few words could express my total gratitude. (Confidential / A busy mind!)

My son has been seeing Dr.Kamal Gupta for over one year now - he has played a crucial part in helping my son bounce back from his lowest ebb. He is, in a word, outstanding.

He possesses an encyclopedic knowledge of mental illnesses and their associated treatment regimens combined with a personal demeanor of sensitive caring. He has been incredibly supportive both to my son and to the whole family who have had to live through my son's mental health illness.

I honestly don't know what we would have done without Dr Gupta and whether my son would still be here with us today. Thank you so much for everything! Kind regards,

This is to certify that I have been under the care of Dr Gupta Consultant Psychiatrist for my psychological condition since 1/2009.

I have been followed up regularly by him since then. He has been an excellent clinician in diagnosing , treating and rehabilitating patients with mental illness. He has also been interested in occupational aspects of people with mental illnesses. I was able to return to work based on his advice and rehabilitation plan initially.

My rehabilitation was successful but due to the work pressure, I had to take time off work after about 10 months. After a period of 18 months or so , I returned to work on a rehabilitation basis and due to the pressure at work I resigned from my job. At present , with the support of Dr Gupta, I am trying to do some part time work in medico-legal work.

Dr Gupta's approach in treating mentally disabled patients like me is holistic[ biopsychosocial) and he focuses on enduring problems, strengths and weaknesses of his patients in relation to occupational environment( Disability Model) . Psychiatrists often use an illness model to describe their patients in their reports to occupational health physicians.

Dr. Gupta was wonderfully supportive and successful in my recovery from clinical depression (including psychotic hospitalised episode) and provided a holistic approach to recovery closely monitoring both physical and mental state, using appropriate drugs and cognitive therapy. Dr Gupta is naturally kind and considerate and gets to the heart of the matter with his considerable depth of knowledge and experience, and I will always appreciate all his hard work and determination for my recovery.

I was referred to see Dr Gupta after experiencing a period of acute worry and distress that saw me sleeping badly, strongly question my relationship with my partner and feel generally mentally unwell. I was in my mind in a pretty bad state when I came to see him and very much in need of help. Dr Gupta pateintly listened to what I thought was wrong with me and then put together a program to help me. Interestingly, and correctly in hindsight, he quickly diagnosed that what I thought I needed to deal with and talk about (my relationship and forthcoming marriage) was not what needed to be dealt with directly per se, but rather that my obsessive thinking and anxiety needed to be addressed so that other parts in my life could function.

The interventions that he put into place was firstly a set period of cognitive therapy and secondly a small increase in the amount of St Johns Wort I was taking. Both these interventions worked I feel and I saw Dr Gupta at several points throughout the process so that he could monitor my progress and talk through any points that needed addressing. At all times I felt he was very much listening to me and took on board any concerns I had and made sure the type of intervention suited me. For example he made sure and helped me get a CBT therapist who I would feel comfortable with.

15 months later, after I had completed the CBT course, and after several meetings with Dr Gupta to monitor my progress, I had what I hope will be my last session with him. He has put me on track to in the future discontinue St Johns Wort altogether. To say that I feel like a completely different person to the very distressed person that first came to see him is not an exaggeration. It is very much thanks to his sessions and the interventions and treatments he put in place that I feel my life and relationship is back on track and going well.

"I was a patient of Dr Gupta when I suffered from anxiety and depression. He helped me through this difficult period with care and kindness. Most importantly he identified the cause and the cure which guided me to a full recovery"

I am grateful for the work that you have done, and I was spiraling to a really dangerous place and too many sufferers don't receive the help they need soon enough, Thank you... Read More

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